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the codex #2 - A Zine about Linux (paper zine)

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the codex #2 - A Zine about Linux (paper zine)

0 ratings

the codex is a handmade zine all about Linux and typeset in LaTeX.

Half-size, 40 black and white pages with a color cover. The first 20 issues sold will be printed in color, because this time around we have color illustrations. If you like Linux, you'll like this zine. (At least the degree of probability is greater than 0.65.)

Table of Contents:

The Later Salad Days
The Joy of Commodore 64
High School Computer Class

A Scanner Clearly, or More Thoughts on Being an Archivist
The Non-Computer Stuff
What Does This Have to do With Linux?
A GUI Solution

Make Life Easier with bash Aliases
What Have I Installed?

What’s to Like About Linux?

Ubuntu 22.04

What I Learned About LaTeX While Creating This Issue
LaTeX Without a GUI
Custom Page Sizes
Why I Love LaTeX


If you want to preview this first, it's available on my git server at

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