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just13 #1 - the personal zine with a lot of words (Digital Zine)

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just13 #1 - the personal zine with a lot of words (Digital Zine)

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Welcome to issue #1 of just13.

Topics include:

  • Another zine? - aka, "why am I here?" and "where is my support group?"
  • A brief history of me, by way of zines - this isn't my first bus ride to the rodeo
  • Collecting cats on the internets
  • Possessions - what you posses possesses you back
  • Rare, arcane, eldritch
  • Llamas
  • Three great invetions
  • Mall rats, part one - because I was actual mall rat a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
  • My theory of buildings
  • Deleted revisions, part one - about the things I found when I moved
  • Process, or "how this zine came to be" - self-explanatory
  • Typography - because I like typefaces
  • This is the end - because it is

My brain likes footnotes, so I have 22 of them for you.

If your brain likes words, I have a lot of them for you, as well. There are 11,682 words spread over 20 pages.

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A digital copy of this zine, including the cover.

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