Silent Noise Project Zine #11 (digital zine)

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So…I very occasionally make a podcast called the Silent Noise Project. My last episode (#11) was a bit of a learning curve for me, so I decided to make a zine out of my notes and related materials, because I had so much stuff I wanted to talk about but simply didn't have time for.

I will probably do this for future episodes of the podcast. I don't know. We'll have to see how things go. I hate to promise things, but on the other hand, my life is boring and I'm not going anywhere. Not unless I get abducted by aliens, at any rate.

This was (mostly) written and illustrated by hand in a regular college-ruled notebook. I then ripped out the sheets and scanned them together. (Yep, I got to relive my angsty-teen phase for a month.) I don't usually make zines like this, but I plan to make more of them, as it was a really fun process and I learned a ton of stuff. (Plus, I got to use art supplies: coloring pencils, glue sticks, sharp things.)

You can get this for free by entering 0 (zero) for the price.

And yeah, this has left and right pages because I wrote it in a notebook. So it may be hard to follow every once in a while. Sorry about that!

  • A digital copy of this zine (approxmiately 38.3 MB)

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    60 pages
  • A digital copy of this zine (approxmiately 38.3 MB)
  • Size36.5 MB
  • Length60 pages


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Silent Noise Project Zine #11 (digital zine)

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